We can do almost any installation

Yes, yes, yes – We’ve all been there. Updates that fail and destroy your system, servers that just won’t connect, network cables all over the place and shit is till not working. Yes, Murphy’s law has just kicked in. Who you gonna call??? Well, just try PtyConsult. We are can assist in any IT-installations within Panama City. We can still help you if you are outside Panama City. Find our contact info here and let’s talk.

We can do all sorts of installations. For example:


Setting up a server that actually works nonstop and at the same time cost efficient, is not an easy task. At PtyConsult, we have good experience with server installations and can help you with this too.


We can all install an operating system on a computer. But can we all also make function correctly on your network and servers? We can help you setup everything needed so your computer is ready for your working environment.

Network setup and functioning Wifi

If your organization is in need of an intranet or any other type of network setup, obviously you need a skilled technician to do the job. And this is where PtyConsult comes into the picture. We can do the job for so your systems functions from day 1. Also, there is a lot of bad WIFI setups out there. One would think that setting up a wireless router is easy. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve come to that conclusion that it is not. And that’s why you come across organizations and homes with on/off Wifi setups. We can help you get the best out of your Wifi. Just give us a call and let’s talk. Find our contact info here.